The Truth about Generic Drugs: 5 Facts

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According to the Congressional Budget Office, 8 to 10 billion dollars have been saved in retail pharmacies across the country due to the purchase of generic over brand name drugs. Generic drugs are created to be the bioequivalent to brand name drugs in dosage form, safety, strength, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. After settling the argument of generic vs. name brand drugs, Old Bridge Drugs is now providing you with five important facts about generic drugs.

Every brand named drug in the market may not have a generic alternative, the one that do have to meet a number of FDA guidelines. The drugs that don’t offer a generic brand is because it’s still protected under a drug patent. Most drug patents are protected for 20 years. Companies are not allowed to sell a generic version of any drug until that patent has expired. Generic drug makers have to prove that their version of a brand name drug performs the same way. The FDA requires that all generic drugs have the same high quality, strength, purity, and stability as brand-name drugs.

Here are five facts behind generic drugs in the market:

1.) Why are generic drugs less expensive? The cost to create a generic form a drug is less because the companies are not making the drugs from scratch. The cost for drug makers to bring their drug to the market is a lot less; the cost to the consumer is typically 80 to 85 percent cheaper.

2.) All generic drugs in the market are FDA approved before being sold to consumers.

3.) Drug makers who produce generic brands have to meet the same factory standards as brand named drugs.

4.) FDA monitors adverse events and reports for generic drugs.

5.) Generic drugs work just the same as brand named drugs.

For list of brand named drugs that have been approved by the FDA, with generic equivalents, click here.

Since you have the facts about generic drugs, don’t let the price, color, or shape of the medication make you think that it won’t have the same effect as brand name drugs. By law generic brands have to look different than the brand name counterpart.

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