Nostalgia of an Old Fashioned Drug Store


July 19, 2013

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Old Bridge NJ Pharmacy

Nostalgic drug store signRemember the old-fashioned drug store in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, where Mr. Gower filled prescriptions from uniquely shaped glass bottles and young George Bailey delivered them to the customers at their homes?   The soda fountain where George served up milk shakes to girls competing for his attention?   Hardwood floors that creaked and shelves that were filled with curious things lining the walls?  It was a nostalgic scene from a by-gone era.

Do you perhaps have one of those local drug stores as part of your own life-memories?   Do you remember giving the friendly pharmacist a prescription from the home-town doctor, then twirling on the seat at the soda fountain while your order was being filled?  The prescription may have been for one of your parents, but when it was ready, the pharmacist called your name, because everyone in town knew each other’s names.  Everyone gathered in the drugstore to sit at the fountain and discuss politics and jobs, the local high-school game scores, and someone’s new baby.  You could even get an ice cream cone on a tab.  There was nothing that you could walk in and ask for that wasn’t on a shelf somewhere…  another nostalgic scene from a by-gone era.

Drug store shelves from a bygone eraThese old-fashioned drug stores are a wonderful part of our treasured heritage, rich with national and personal history.  These icons have been replaced, for the most part, with large, gleaming stores, sometimes with a fast-food restaurant instead of the soda fountain, and the still-friendly pharmacist.  The floors don’t creak, but shelves still contain every imaginable product available and then some.  Some offer drive-up window service, and most allow you to call in your prescription for later pick-up.  Not your old-fashioned, small town drug store any more, but perhaps the modern conveniences are well worth the trade-off.

old-bridge-drugs-surgicals-nj-pharmacy-IMG_0908Old Bridge Drugs and Surgicals is one of those wonderful combinations of the by-gone era and the modern conveniences.  Staffed by providers who care, you can still get your prescription drugs delivered free, and receive general healthcare and medicine counseling.  The shelves are loaded with surgical supplies and durable medical equipment and competitively priced over-the-counter medicines and a wide variety of nutritional supplements.  Everything you could need and then some.  Old Bridge Drugs delightfully combines the nostalgic scene from a vintage era with every modern convenience and product and service.  With prices that beat the competitors, fast and friendly service, and free delivery, Old Bridge Drugs and Surgicals offers you the best of both friendly worlds.  Come in today and find out for yourself.

Old Bridge Drugs and Surgicals
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