Got germs? Avoiding back to school sickness


August 12, 2013

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Avoid Back to School Sickness with Old Bridge ServicesBack to school means back to the Doctor’s office for most parents of school-aged children. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the average American child has six to 10 colds a year. This many colds can be costly for many families’ wallets and also to their child’s education. The colds that are picked up from school are the single most reason for missed school days and can be prevented with proactive germ management.

Noted author and pediatrician, Dr. Athena P. Kourtis states “Children in close proximity to one another at school is the main way that many viruses are spread.” All it takes is one sick child for a virus to spread quickly from the child to both the class and the children in that classrooms family. The main reasons that germs spread quickly among school children is their close proximity, germy habits such as not washing hands, and children having less developed immune systems than adults.

Frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent sickness from spreading in schools. This is the essential way to stop most illnesses where they start; however, there are many other ways that parents and educators can help keep their children from spreading germs.

For example, parents and educators can encourage children to use hand sanitizer frequently at school. Parents can provide children with a small personal bottle of hand sanitizer or they can buy a bigger bottle of hand sanitizer for their child’s classroom. Another way that parents and educators can prevent children from getting sick is to have children cover both their mouths and their noses when they sneeze or cough. Also children should be encouraged to keep their hands away from their faces.

The classroom can be a minefield of germs, so classroom staff and workers need to be proactive in classroom disinfecting. Many classroom surfaces can carry germs and bacteria so wiping these surfaces down with disinfecting wipes can help prevent germs from spreading. Another way that these workers can prevent germs and bacteria from spreading is to encourage their students to use their own school supplies as much as possible and to keep sharing of food and drinks to a minimum.

These tips can help keep school-aged children healthy and in their classrooms this school year.

Information comes from the Mayo Clinic and WebMD

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