Generic vs. Name Brand Drugs: Settling the Issue


June 17, 2015

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Generic vs. Name Brand Drugs - Old Bridge, NJ Pharmacy

Do you wonder if generic medications are as good as the name brand, or if they’re somehow inferior because they cost so much less?  Old Bridge Drugs wants you to know the facts. Let’s put these questions to rest once and for all.

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requires that generic medications be as safe and effective as their name-brand counterparts. These requirements include having the exact dosage, medicinal effect, means of administration (how the med is to be taken), strength, purpose, safety and risks as the original drug.

Generic drugs can be offered at a considerably lower price for one very specific reason. The manufacturers of generic drugs have not borne the expense of developing and marketing a new drug for you.  When a drug company introduces a new medication to the public, that firm has spent years of time and millions of dollars on research, development, marketing and promotion of that medication. The FDA grants a patent to the manufacturer allowing for exclusive marketing as long as the patent remains in effect, providing the company the opportunity to recoup some of the vast expense of bringing that drug to you, the consumer. This explains why sometimes you’re unable to find a generic drug for your written prescription.

When a patent nears expiration, other drug companies may apply to the FDA for the right to make and sell a generic version of that drug. Without the research and development overhead costs to recover, these companies are able to make and sell the medication at a much lower cost to you. And competition in the market place lowers the cost still more, so when several companies make the same product, that benefits you as well.

Generic medications are required by law to have different color, shape and flavor than their name brand counterparts. Active ingredients must be the same, guaranteeing the same medicinal effects.  So rest assured that generic drugs are not inferior in any sense to the name brand. The FDA sets the exact same standards for both.

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