Choosing the Right Vitamin Supplements


September 10, 2013

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Vitamim Supplements

vitamin supplements in Old Bridge, NJHave you ever looked at the list of vitamin supplements on a bottle label and wondered if you really needed all those fascinating but foreign-appearing ingredients?  Actually, you probably do.  The human body requires vitamins and minerals to work properly.  Some of these are produced by the body and others are obtained in a healthy, balanced diet.  The rest are available in nutritional supplements.  And you’re in good company when you purchase your vitamins…the majority of adults in the U.S. take one or more dietary supplements every day, or at least occasionally.

From childhood to geriatrics, scientific evidence shows that dietary supplements are advantageous for overall health and managing some health conditions. Marinos Elia, M.D. and Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Southampton, wrote that nutritional deficiencies contribute to a longer and more difficult recovery process and increased complication rates after a hospital stay. “Oral nutritional supplements can lead to improved patient outcomes.” 

Specific groups of people may benefit from multi-vitamin supplements.  Taking prenatal vitamins offers optimal health effects for both the mother and the unborn baby. Vitamins for adults over 50 have many health benefits.  Children need a daily regiment of vitamins and minerals for the best chance to grow healthy bodies and minds. Daily vitamin supplements can be beneficial for menstruating women.

Vitamin supplements come in various forms.  The traditional vitamin pill, capsules (of which you can make your own), powders (for putting into your capsules), drinks and energy bars all are ways of ingesting your daily dose. If you can’t swallow those pills, as an alternative, just drink your daily dose of health and prevention, or snack on a bar of nutritional goodness.

Always consult your physician before beginning your vitamin journey. When taken correctly, vitamins and minerals can be valuable benefactors in maintaining your body’s digestive system, heart health, reproductive health, and bone health.

Vitamin supplements, along with a balanced diet, are an easy and cost-effective way to promote overall well-being and avoid deficiencies that may result in illness or diseases.  Some dietary supplements can interact with certain prescription drugs, so speak with your doctor for guidance.

Here’s to your good health!

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