Beating the Silent Killer


August 21, 2014

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Heart Health, Old Bridge NJ Pharmacy

High Blood Pressure and Hypertention Prevention in Old Bridge, NJIf you are with three or four people right now, statistics tell us that one of you has high blood pressure.  High blood pressure is a serious precursor to other cardiovascular diseases including heart failure and stroke.  It can also lead to kidney failure and other health problems.  You can suffer from high blood pressure with no signs or symptoms, and can be a victim for years without knowing it, and so it is often titled The Silent Killer.

Blood pressure numbers measure the force of your blood as it pushes against the walls of your arteries when your heart beats. When this pressure rises and remains high over a period of time, the result is damage to your body in various ways.  If your blood pressure numbers are normal, you can help keep them that way with lifestyle choices and cooperating with your doctor.  If your blood pressure numbers are too high, your physician may prescribe treatment in various forms to prevent damage to your body’s organs.

Knowing your blood pressure numbers is important.

  • Normal:  less than 120/ less than 80
  • Hypertension:  120-139/80-89;  numbers in this range show you at-risk for HBP unless you take steps to prevent the condition
  • HBP:  140-159/90-99, and numbers above these

Blood pressure numbers vary for those who suffer from diabetes or chronic kidney disease, as well as for children and teen-agers. Blood pressure varies, lowering as you sleep, and going up when you exercise, are excited or are under stress.  If your numbers generally remain above the normal range, you’re at risk for developing health problems.  If your numbers regularly read in the normal range, and you are under treatment for HBP, the treatment is successful.  Continue to follow your doctor’s plan for keeping your blood pressure in the safe range.

If you are on any of the varieties of medications available by prescription for lowering high blood pressure, bring your prescription into Old Bridge Drugs.  We provide competitively priced brand name and generic drugs and over-the-counter medications.  If you are on high blood pressure medication, just call, and we’ll deliver your prescription refill free anywhere in New Jersey.  Old Bridge Drugs also carries a full selection of nutritional and herbal supplements, and vitamins.  Come in, or call and speak with our pharmacist about general healthcare or for medicine counseling.  We offer blood pressure screenings, and various vaccines at the lowest possible prices.

Visit the Old Bridge Drugs, your neighborhood New Jersey pharmacy, or call us today at 732-525-2220.  Together we can beat The Silent Killer.


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